Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Too Good

Amy forwarded this gem to me. Reminds me of Engrish. Enjoy.

alternative emails:


I Am (Dr) SHANK WILLIAMS the Finance Manager to the Citi trust bank Nig plc .Your contact was given to me by a very good/ school mate of mine, that works with the Nigeria Chambers of Commerce here in Nigeria. So i will be please to use this chance to intruduce to you a business transaction(deal). You are to relax your mind, because this is REAL.Being the manager in the bank(Citi trust bank Nig plc) i have discover a very good dealtransaction which both of us will benefit from, provided i am concerned.

As its stands, there is a foreign client(customer) in person of MR.EDWARD Patrick, also a very good business man who has a very huge sum of amount($15.5million) in the bank(Citi trust bank Nig plc) before his suprise death.It was a pity and sorrowfull that Mr,Patrick, the wife and their only son died sorrowfully, which is, they were among the victims of the TERRORIST BOMB BLAST TRAGEDY, that occured (11th, september,2001) inUnited States of America(USA) during his visit for a business negotiation in America.

As the forex manager in the bank also a very good family friend to Mr,Patrick, i have been able to try all my possible best to see(locate) if i can get or know any of this man (Mr, Patrick) family member or relation,so that i can get them informed of the latest development as regards to the huge sum of amount which belongs to Mr, Patrick, in the Citi trust bank Nigplc. To your best knowledge this sum($15.5Million) is floating in the Citi trust bank Nig plc and i will not want it to finally taken by the management of the Citi trust bank Nig plc.But to my greatest suprise, it happens that Mr, Patrick, did not have anybody or other person left behind to stand as his NEXT OF KIN to this money ($15.5Million).

Now, since this man has no any other person left behind for the claim of this very huge sum of money, as the NEXT OF KIN, i will want to realise with you as a foreign partner in respect of this money, so that this huge sum ($15.5Million) could be paid (Remitted) to you into your private bank account as the NEXT OF KIN to this our very good customer/client (Mr,Patrick).

For your information all the necessary arrangement has been put in place to ensure 100% success, while all the important document that covers this money are also at my hand reach, as i have told you initially that i am a family friend to this very man (Mr, Patrick).In NUT-SHELL i will want you to stand as the next of kin to Mr,Patrick, so that we can get this money out fromthe Citi trust bank Nig plc, into your private bank account for safe-keeping pending my arrival for sharing in your country.

It is very important you indicate your willingness, so that i can send Across to you all the necessary TEXT FORM document from the bank also talk on the issue of the sharing modalities as i have planned. Please this deal is of REAL, SECRECY and 100%risk-free. Bear in mind that we are concluding this deal between 15 working days which is from the day of your positive response is being received. You are also required to send across your private telephone and fax numbers for easy communication and oral discussion, so as to avoid any delay.

I come again, you are to stand as the next of kin(Relation) to this very man (Mr, Patrick) for theclaim of this huge amount ($15.5M).Finally, 30% for your assistance, 50% for me, 10% for the re-settlement of any expenses incured from both side while 10% will beinvested in the name of your company and care.You can also contact me with this email//

(Dr) SHANK WILLIAMS. (Finance Manager).
of Citi trust bank Nig plc.

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Anonymous said...

As Mr, Patrick's family member/relation, I really for needthe money, but I can't get requiredlink shankwilliams1@msn.com to contact (Dr SHANK WILLIAMS).