Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Highlights and Things to Come

Amy and I have been comfortably back in Moscow almost a week now and take off on Thursday for Juneau, Alaska to photograph the wedding of Greg Albrecht and Annie Fox. Hopefully some rad shots of the ferry ride, wedding, and glaciers to come.

As is my custom, I've kept a running list of the many hilarious things I heard come out of many mouths this summer. Keep in mind for some of these that they were asked while in the middle of the Weminuche Wilderness on backpacking trips. Here's a peek:

"Hey guys, from now on, call me Mountain Spider."

"Hey Matt! What pot should we use to cook the hashbrowns?"
"The small one."
"So.... should I fill up the medium pot?"

"When's the rain gonna stop?"

"Do you guys have a laundry bag for us?"

And perhaps my favorite:

"How will we know when the water is boiling?"

More pictures may be pending on the fixing/replacing of my computer. There are a few more up from trips this summer over at flickr. I did just pick up this guy for next to nothing, so I may get back into the film game for a bit.

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Jason Ballard said...

How will you know when the water is boiling?