Friday, March 07, 2008

It is a Yoke

I have been getting the most hilarious spam emails, promising me all sorts of, you know improvements... Ahem. But the really funny part is the engrish-like quality of the writing, which shows up not only in the description of the product ("You will be a giant of Bad!"), but in small stories(?) included in the email. I give you example:

Like an enthusiast in his profession and john, failure. You
served me well enough, but you were going without my preparing
you with explanations lawrence succeeded in leading ashore
a body of 'you went to the shed, then? How did you get the
glory be! She exclaimed. Leaning over the rail, have come
with a keen desire to get back to the (fig. 44), which retired
many centuries ago towards on the last syllable. Ta coot
peoples up in ta like, and couldn't make nothing of him
but the sons and poirot said, you mean, i take it, that
aloud for help. Malcolm was already at the north transcripts
of the french 'archives des colonies,' and i don't want
to play with ellie and essie, did happen. She was nearly
frantic. What was she.

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Ibid said...

Holy shin.

I got a better one, though: a smarmy package of advertisements handed out to all the native english speakers at the translation conference I just got back from by a couple of Asian girls. They have a translation company that works for good value company including Samsung, etc, and they want more worldwide business... only they were advertising in such a cunning way that they were not totally understandable. Yep, I'll be happy to solicit your translations services...