Monday, March 20, 2006

Say Hello To Canada, Eh?

I put up a few pictures from our trip to Vancouver. Asher, Nick, and I went up to see Jesse Beck and the greater Vancouver area. We were interviewed by Pakistani TV show hosts, ate ourselves silly-full of delicious Asian foods, and scoffed at the Canadian dollar.

There are also a few shots from Josh and Paula's wedding.


shell said...

You went to Vancouver for spring break? Kudos to you.
Cold weather and I don't get along. I'm never warm once the temp. dips to 30 and below.
Looks pretty though.
Pakistani T.V. show hosts...random.

mg said...

It was gorgeous, in the 50s every day and sunny. I always luck out on my trips to the Pacific coast. I hear nothing but rain rain rain and get nothing but sun sun sun.