Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today's Irony

Many of you know that I don't get poetry. I can't read it, I don't like it, and I'm taking a class in the Romantics to try to learn how.

That being said, let me direct your attention to the right of this blog, where I have inadvertently done something poetic at least in form. Take a look at the list of folks under 'Noteables.' A six word line, then a three, a one (composed of three characters), then three, and ending with six. Now how about that?

On another note, I saw a sticker on a car while riding my bike back from class that read, in Gothic font, "God is Fear." I didn't have a chance to check out the surrounding stickers that would have given me proper sticker/ideology context (since I'm SOOOO fast), so I'm left wondering if that's meant to have a negative slant. Odds are, this fellow or gal who so boldly displayed their theological views via adhesive vinyl would tell me something along the lines of religion being used as a scare tactic to keep a brother down. Whatevs.

I’m also very disappointed in all four of you who read this and haven’t pointed out to me that Noteables is misspelled. But that's also a bit ironic that I started this post to show some higher use of the language, right under something that spellcheck would pick up. The comedy that is life. I’ll fix it right now.


tmm said...

I never found poetry that I liked, until I started reading translations of chinese poems and the japanese Manyoshu. I'm not exactly sure why they are so interesting, esspecially since part of poetry (the wordplay) gets lost in translation. It might be because their poems are like written versions of their paintings. Have you read much of this type of poetry before?

mg said...

We actually just started reading Chinese-American stuff in my literary diversity class. I'm not so hot on it, still too flowery and ambiguous for my pea-brain.