Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project Update

The Woodshed. Is there a better DIY project for the American male living the great Northwest? There can't be.

I'm trying to go super cheap with my materials but super classy with my style. Reading lots of homesteader's books on building has grown a certain fascination with wood-joining, so I did a bit of notching for my support braces. Greg Albrecht also introduced me to the wonderful world of building with timber poles cut yourself, which I used for the front braces. So far I've only spent money on the lag screws, washers, and 4 ten-foot 2x4s. Next step is the rafters, which I started cutting with birds-mouth notches today. We're hoping for 3 cords to fit in this bad boy. Exciiiiiiting.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Mr. Gaither,
In regards to your woodshed, I must say that it looks truly wonderful. The joinery is so nice and clean. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Looks like you've been having fun on that farm lately, hope all is well.