Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pt. 1?

When he found it, he knew it was special.

He'd had others like it, but this one was different. What happened to the others wouldn't happen to this one. This time he was sure.

"What have you got there?" his friends would ask.

"Got? Me? Nothing, I don't have anything why do you ask?" was always the reply.

"You seem different these days. Have you found something?" the older men would ask.

"No, I don't think so," he would say, knowing they knew better than his friends.

He had never asked the older men what they had done with theirs or when they had found them, or if they kept their first, or how to use his. But he was sure that he knew now. He had to know by now, this was his third, maybe fourth. The others had gone, and without asking anyone about it, he imagined he knew where they went and why.

"If you have one, I can help you with it. I've had some before," said Modsi W.

"I don't need help, but thanks. Really I can figure it out on my own, when I get one, I mean, everyone else did it that way right?"

"I didn't. I had to be told, and hear it from others before I got it."

"Well that makes sense, but I'm sure I can get it, but thank you. I'll let you know."

He liked having it, but still felt like he didn't know it or what to do with it. "If people find out about it, they'll think I already know about it, and when they find out I don't, they'll laugh," he would think. One night he couldn't sleep, so he crawled outside to look at it. As he pulled away the layers of coverings he'd used to wrap the others, he started to see the light coming from it. He'd heard about them giving light, but he'd never seen it. He was scared. This had never happened before and he didn't know what to do with it now. Before he got to the last covering he stopped, letting the light shimmer and play all around him while he stared. "If I see it, I'll have to do something," he thought, and didn't know what that something was. He waited for the light to answer a question he wouldn't ask, until he thought he saw it fading then quickly wrapped it back up and went back to bed.

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Lincoln Davis said...

What this means I can't say I exactly know, but it's beautiful, especially the last paragraph.