Friday, March 09, 2007

The Humanity

In his series on Islam, Doug Wilson has been repeating the idea that a group of people will tend to become like whatever god they worship. Since Allah is a god of raw power and cosmic bullying, his people act the same way in whatever capacity they can get away with it, be it in their marriages or chest-bombs. Since Yahweh is Love, His people should be more and more defined by relational examples of agape.

Should that be the case, what are the implications of this?


Michal said...

That cow is so skinny! That's where the non-fat milk comes from, and that's why it taste's like chicken.

Paul said...

holy cow! ha ha! get it! holy cow! don't have a cow, man, no wait, don't have a CHICKEN, COW! hahahahahaha I'M AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

it would indicate heaven is sparsely populated