Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Problem, Resolved

Once again I found myself sitting in Education 302, this week seeking the deeper ways of the Universe through "Student Assessment Methods." As we were told of yet another presentation to be delivered by each of us on the same topic, my fight or flight instincts pressed against my soul with more urgency than ever. I was just about to pick up and bolt when we lighted upon the assessment method of Testing.

"What," the question was posed to us, "should you do if your test gets either all A's or all F's?" One of the great quandaries of all time, no doubt responsible for the division of families and fall of nations. We all leaned in, eagerly awaiting the spurt from the fount of wisdom.

"Well," (trumpets blare), "you have to be able to adjustify your testing."

How could I leave this class? It's too good...


Ibid said...

You could adjustify by vomiting on them. But why would you adjust anything? Isn't this the desired result of public education... extreme equality?

Lois E. Lane said...

ibid, you need an attitude adjustification!