Monday, October 03, 2005

It Begins

At 9:09 on a Monday night in Moscow, I enter the world of blogging. I'm sure if it didn't have such an ugly sounding name I'd feel as if I were doing something much more academic and artistic. I think my first goal that I'd like to see realized in this is to write freely with as little editing as possible. For example, I've already deleted and re-worded two sentences in this post. I'd like to see less of that. As far as where I'm going thematically, I have no set guidelines right now. I've been wanting to get ideas for stories written down somewhere, and this will most likely be a storage of plots, twists, awkward moments, themes, one-liners, frustrations and other bits of things I'd like to put together into to cohesive stories. There's an off chance that I'll be expressing my digust with things going on in my little world from time to time as well, but don't worry, probably 97% of the people who read this won't recognize any of the context that I'm griping in (ie, you won't hear a lot about the President from me). That being said, I think I'll close and hit the sack with intentions of an early rise when I plan to destroy some homework.

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