Saturday, October 08, 2005


So I just had a conversation with a guy who used to have my bosses position at the theatre I work at. I was telling him about how the place has gone downhill, and isn't living up to half of it's potential as a small, independent cinema. We had a good talk and afterwards I realized that, while I had known Jerry before tonight, it seems that he would place much more trust in me because we shared these common grievances.

For some reason my mind is usually turning towards unpleasant things to write about in stories. Any twist that I think of, or theme, or character type is something uncomfortable, cruel, or twisted some other way. What I was thinking about tonight was a story that takes tonight's situation, but playing up my character as someone intentionally gaining trust with the end result of using it to hurt. I'd definitely want to spend most of the space on the reader seeing me talking with Jerry, with no other intent obvious on the outside. A closer reading should reveal little hints that I was planning this all along, and that I'm just that evil of a guy. No conscience nagging him about completely misleading this guy, just calm, calculated manipulation.

I haven't settled on how I hurt in the end, but I probably won't go into much detail, I just want it to have the shock of realizing what I'd been doing the whole story was a lie.

I (matt the writer) will probably not write this in the first person, I just used "I" and "Jerry" to remember what the original idea was.

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