Saturday, October 15, 2005


The idea of a college kid in a low-level philosophy class who's permanently unable to speak struck me as an interesting idea for a story. The thought of it came to me while I sat in my low-level philosophy class wishing that others were permanently unable to speak.

I was actually thinking about the different directions that could take. Would the kid have some kind of quiet, incredible insight that his mouthy classmates lack? Is his rage just building and building with every minute that he can't yell out "It's like in the Matrix.....!" That might be a nice way of illustrating how we all think we have something to say, but that we're restrained from doing so, and when we finally get the opportunity, we make jackasses out of ourselves.

Our character here is unable to speak, but I'm imagining that he has a rarely used kind of speak-what's-typed machine with which he utters his epiphany, either for the class's edification or his own humiliation. More to come.

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